Stolen Kiss

“What I meant is women like a bit of spontaneity; being caught utterly by surprise with something pleasant like a stolen kiss.” … More Stolen Kiss


Mobile Money and social media

This was inspired by a tweet by @ahmedsalims. He asked, what are the opportunities of QR codes and M-PESA (rephrased). At first of course I went like, how would that even happen? M-PESA is SMS based, QR codes are ‘pictures’. and for a moment there I have a million (exaggerated figure, i hope you get that) reasons why that idea was a little far-fetched. But you know … More Mobile Money and social media

Age of ‘#Reactvertising’: How Brands reacted to #PoleKwaMwirigi

So, while Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Kenya was celebrating something entirely different. For some, it was Sharon Mundia’s engagement while for some it was the roast of Bobby Mwirigi and we have Currie_Powder to thank (or blame). For those who do not have the back story, it may all may not fit here, … More Age of ‘#Reactvertising’: How Brands reacted to #PoleKwaMwirigi