what we know as wisdom of the many could also be known as the idiocy of the masses, we only like to think of it as wise as we are involved and we are involved because it was popular and we did not want to get left out.

what we like to call wise men, the very same we punctuate our sentences with, are nothing but bloggers of old deprived of technology.we take their words and crystallize them in forever. all they ever do is pick the thing most elementary to our beings and put it in word (read, blog it). The words of these statements are words we think everyday, words we do everyday, words we love everyday, words we live by, words that describe us, words that are us but words we never speak.

“to be or not to be”- very much a question you think every morning, a question that you very much answer every morning but a question, before Shakespeare, never asked.

“i have a dream”- no offense Mr. King, but who doesn’t? oh, yours was different? one of an America where black and white walk side by side….?you spoke it, maybe dreamed it but that was the dream of every black man, that was the dream that took them to the fields every morning decades before you, the dream that kept them going.

“the beautiful ones have not yet been born”? am sorry but i can’t seem to relate to that statement, save for the evenings i just sit and look at my phone and she has not texted back, or in times of rejection but on every other day i don’t think i can relate to that. If i did, i would have kept the default wallpaper that the boys and girls at Microsoft designed for my computer. if i did, i would not know what to do with my poster of Halle Berry, i demand an apology, not for me but for Jolie Angelina, Jlo, Too Ema , Alba Jessica. I do not have the right words to tell Ms. Union Gabriel that she is yet to be born.

more on this later, right now i have to go to sleep for a wise man once said, early to bed, early to rise make one healthy, wealthy and WISE.


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