Irony, another word for which is life, one day its sunny, the other day you are drowning, not in a pool or torrents from long rains but in hopelessness and the darkness of how cruel life could be, envelopes you. Life.
many a day you wake up and you curse you are still on earth, there will be a boss today, a malicious colleague, an angry girlfriend, a cheating boyfriend, rent, and worst of all, on the other side of the door, there is Monday. the cruel reminder that we will be doing this again all over, the pain in the ass that tells you its not over and you wish for silence and solitude and a cool color to calm you nerves and no rent and no noise and people that care and you get on the other side of the door and its not silent, far from it, the noise doesn’t end and when all goes silent, you are so accustomed to the noise that you it goes on, in the voices in you head and before you know it. you get all that you ever wished for, silence, a cool color, no pains in the ass, no bosses, no rent, just you, alone in silence in a cool colored room, its white, people who care, and padded walls, and the world granted you your wish. you lost it all, all that you thought you hated, the noise, the people, the land lady, the Monday blues and all you have now is white padded walls. and you now miss the chaos.
Irony? no, its just life.
Thank God i am alive.


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