Social Patriotism

One of my past Avi’s was a fist with kenyan colors on it. On an average day before twitter i would wake up and and hate the government for i thought it misrepresented Kenya. Politicians would make promises they had no intention of keeping, they would put out each other’s dirty linen in public, go back on their word, loot public funds and bump up their salaries at will (ok, on that last one i bet you’d do the same).
We saw all the political games on the media daily and slowly we moved from enjoying the circus and went through the five steps of mourning (it became like watching arsenal every season). Denial, anger, depression, bargaining and sadly acceptance. We started being at home with the possibility that maybe the political scene could only change for the worse, that as a nation that has relied on the government to build this nation we would suffer stunted growth forever. It became alarmingly apparent that despite all the hating we did we had made the wrong decision at the ballot chosing the leaders that were least likely to help this country up off its knees. It became a possibility that we chose as we saw fit, that we chose they that best represent who we are.
Enter social media.
We all flocked facebook and for a while it gave us asylum from the cruel reality of our world, we accumilated friends and poked each other. This like many government programs was a temporary fix and like many government programs this worked, we forgot our pains and imminent failures as a nation. We would post updates as a way of venting against injustices but despite the comments and likes, we understood this was as futile as having a crush on a celebrity.
Enter twitter. For months i had no idea how to use twitter and the 140 character rule bothered me. It was not until after crazy nairobian told me it was for the smart and probably the reason i dont get it that i got the renewed interest. I quit the old account and opened another one. To cut the long story short, Twitter is a lot of thinhs and some may argue that it has made us closer and bettr as a nation but while we can’t accurately measure how patriotic Twitter and social media has made us, i can say this for sure; the greatest Kenyans i know in the real definition of the word, i met on twitter. These are men and women that have had a Voice for the REAL Kenya. Kenyans that dedicate themselves to share information and give objective opinions about our nation. Kenyans that have started campaigns that will very well change this country forever. If without mentioning names or handles or any specific campaigns some already populate in mind. Then my point is made.
Long live Kenya. Long live social media.

Disclaimer: excuse any typos, this post was made in a mat in traffic. Courtesy of WordPress app on android.


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