How will you fight

Our country is at war.


And when most people hear the word war, they look around. They check to see if the al shabaab has attacked us they check to see if any of our neighbors have waged war against us.

The truth is, The war is with an enemy within.

Our neighbors have not sent their troops against us. The enemy is within. And again when i say that, many of you are quick to look at the immigrants,

“is this what they have been planning all along?”

“hell, i live next to one.”

“I even have an immigrant friend, and the way he looks at me is suggestive and not in the good kind of way.”

See, the enemy is within us, i say again. Our enemies are our heroes, they that we have celebrated and chosen above all others. Those that by our choice have pulled this country to its knees, those that we know are our cancer but we do nothing about. And again we look without. You are now probably thinking of our politicians.

A wise man once said that “…every democracy gets the leaders it deserves.” And i support the saying. Our leaders are a reflection of us.

Our country is at war, i repeat. And this is not a very politically way to put it but when i am done, i hope you will see it. You will probably still think that the word war is the wrong word to use but read along. I look not to convince you that war is the right word, i only seek to point it out.

We are at war people. And the enemy is within.

Our politicians are again not the enemy that i refer to.


The enemy is within, the war is within us and we are our own worst enemies.
The battles that you fight within you everyday may show without but whether they do or not, whether you win or lose, the war is on and tomorrow you fight another battle. We are the reason our country is lagging behind and while blaming our politicians is a great way to deal with your daily battles, that kind of pointing fingers only puts us lower in our knees, it is the way we continue to lose.

You battle with yourself everyday to get out of bed.

Employees, you fight to give the least you can,

employers you fight to keep the employees under your foot. Daily reminding them who is boss.

Are you giving your employer all that they pay you for,.and more? It is your responsibility, moral and contractual to take that company to the next level. For they that have taken any course in business have probably come across the truth that a manager is he/she that gets things done through other people. They are not there to push the functions to efficiency,.they simply manage the process. There is only so much you can do with a broken tool. Are you, as an employee, a broken tool because if you are…the manger will  lose. And while that maybe one of your goals, remember when the company performs poorly, you lose more that your boss.
Employers have you enabled your employees to give their best? Is your approval process such a pain in the ass that they would rather not even try harder? You are a manager, ensure that your resources work optimally as it is the only way that your role is justified. Workers respect you more if you enable them. Having your subordinates fear you may appear effective but without respect they Will never be inspired to make you look better. Little battles that your have within yourself of insecurity and fear Will just ensure that you lose the war.

Do you give your all in relationships? Cheating in our country is alarming. You never give a chance because you have not been given one. You have made your relationship a battle field and trust me, it make one of the best battle fields. If all you want is a fight, There is no better opponent to fight as your spouse. You are not of the same gender and you have different preferences, you have different friends and your values may not always match. You feel differently towards different circumstances and the decisions you make cannot be more different. Your Spouse is the best opponent you could ever have, you have every reason to fight them. Thing is once you start down that road, the relationship is done. Relationships are built on trust, faith, which is even more visually impaired than love. You need to trust them completely. If you make them an enemy, it is a default setting not to trust your enemy and an even more intrinsic truth that without trust, relationships don’t work. Trust. Compromise. Love, In whatever order, but do all three.

If you take your work frustrations to your relationships and vice versa, you lose on both. You lose money and hence you cut corners to make more, you fight that colleague who is doing it right, you lose faith in your partner and you cut corners to fill the lost love. And when all you do is cut corners you lose out on both.

We are at war.

If you cannot trust yourself to do the basics, your job, your relationships, your family, how can you be entrusted to build a nation? How can you be entrusted to ensure that we as a country are self sufficient. We are at war. We do not want to work on anything but we want the fruit, so we steal it. Its kills you a little inside but you know no other way.

You steal office supplies and sleep with everyone in the office, you neglect your family and screw over your friends. You are weak and vulnerable.


Multiply that personal failure by thousands, possibly millions and what do you have? A country that has lost in a millions of individual wars. A country whose general moral fibre is a picture of decay, a country that is willing to sell off to the highest bidder and when that actually happens, we look without. We blame terrorist, we blame politicians, we blame the west while the whole time the real enemy is within.

We are at war people. You are at war. How Will you fight?

Work hard and earn your pay, whether you are an employer or an employee.

Build that company and the country Will benefit

Work hard and fight for your relationships.

Value and respect your friends. Build that respect and the country Will be respectable.

Be at peace with yourself and national peace Will follow suit.

We are at war people. How Will you fight?


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