This is short and it was inspired by watching ‘The King’s Speech“.

Every one need s a hand to hold theirs when it goes numb, a shoulder lay the weight of their thoughts, a heart that knows them and a mind that feels theirs

Words fail me. King George VI stammered but words fail me. His tongue with a stammer but mine in a knot. Both caused by fear of the known, unknown that which will always be present. we find trouble speaking. George to his subjects and i my dreams. George his words and i my mind. He had Lionel and i want you. I do not equate my self to George for i am no king, i have not in my veins a single drop of royal blood and i shall not ask for the same privileges as afforded to the king. I merely ask for what the king lacked and got. That which his status could not afford that he had to earn, that which George and i with need. A friend to hold me as i speak, they who will  not give up on me. Until i find my tongue until i sing my mind. If i should be so lucky as George to find Lionel in you.

Image courtesy of cinemawallpaper.com


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