You are mediocre to the world

It is not that I will sleep any better when you text me good night. I sleep well any way.

But if you do the moments leading to my sleep will be glorious.

You do not have the best voice I have very heard, actually on an unbiased scale it is pretty mediocre.

But when you speak it is all I want to listen to.

I have seen women hotter than you, which would probably explain my former wallpapers and the need to zoom into twitter avis and stare.

But when I look at you, no amount of beauty could cause the rush of excitement I get from looking at you. Your body, well, admittedly, you can do better. but better is not what I want.

I bet there are smarter people than you. I have met some.

But if smart is all I was looking for I might as well have Einstein as my wall paper.

You are moody some times and it would be nice if it weren’t so, you are unreasonable when you are mad and that just bloody pisses me off. You are flawed, not the smartest, not the strongest, not the hottest.

But smart people make mistakes and the principled get boring, the hottest will some times annoy you and a sweet voice with time will be justification to up an leave, the most reasonable get predictable.

Perfection is all that we sometimes strive for but no one ever finds the right recipe. nobody is perfect, nobody ever was. Had I set out to look for the perfect one I would probably would have died searching, or worse, settle.

You are anything but perfect but perfect is not what I am looking for. I am not even looking, for in you I found all I could ever want, you. In you, beauty has no meaning and brains make no sense, I don’t want to just stare or argue.

I just want what I find in you. For in you is where I want to be.

You are not perfect, but you are all I want.

You are mediocre to the world, but you are my world.


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