The beauty, morning one | Kisite-Mpunguti

I may have indicated that this was my first trip in coast but some of you may have dismissed it as a way of getting pity follows on twitter. It was not. Which was a good thing because, yeah, no spike in followers. Thanks a lot guys…yeah, that really helped a lot with my esteem issues, so I went out and got a temporary tattoo but I am getting ahead of myself. We will get to that. (yeah, that was to keep some of you hooked and waiting for the next post, I surprise myself with my genius)

May I at this point take an opportunity to thank one of the least appreciated but really awesome organization, The Kenya Wildlife Service. (dramatic pause to let go of the mouse, phone and clap.) One of the main roles of the KWS is conservation of the magic in our land that we do not take much time to appreciate. What they exist to conserve? Magical Kenya.

For purposes of this post, ‘Trip’ shall be taken to mean the 4 day tour of the KWS marine parks between 27th November and 1st December taken with the KWS and a bunch of…I am trying to be polite here…what is the politically correct term for awesome and crazy bunch? I will not go ahead to dissect them, you can get a pretty good picture by reading posts by the lovely ladies, Ivory and Njambi.

The team comprised of Mbugua Hashtag, Kevin, Kibet, John, Qarue, Njambi, Bish and Ivory

The drive down was long and treacherous, OK, I exaggerate, but mostly it’s because Ivory insisted on sitting on everyone. The drive down was scenic, I may have started taking photos from outside my gate out of excitement but I was wasting charge as the real beauty did not start until further down Mombasa Road.

Taken at Voi

I did not get to take many photos on the drive down but i got a shot as we were about 80KM from Mombasa and the sun was setting. It was the first sighting of palm trees.

Breathtaking image on the drive down to Mombasa, the sunset

We got to Kisite -Mpunguti Late at night, it was a quarter to midnight and although it was dark and we were tired we were greeted by by a beautiful view of the ocean in the moonlight. We made (OK, John and Kevin) made supper, ate and went to sleep only to wake up in beauty. The sleeping quarters are in what could define as a little beautiful ‘jungle’.

The Lovely Ivory

That is the lovely Ivory and Below is Njambi in the lovely jungle that we woke up in. Pictures of the guys…er.. the guys were still asleep in the Tents, yeah, us guys did the whole tent thing and by tent thing i do not mean, you know what? never mind.

The beautiful Njambie leaving the Banda in the KWS Kisite Mpunguti Marine park HQ

Day one in Kisite Mpunguti Marine park. More on the Trip to come but some details on the park;

The marine park is located on the south coast, 40km from Ukunda town in Msambeni District of coast province


  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbathing
  • Recreational activities that are enviromentally friendly
  • Licenced filming
  • Bird watching
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Diving

Planning a romantic getaway? forget a hotel in the city, try Lower Mpunguti, an island for $30 a night. Then maybe Dolphin watching, sunbathing on the magic island (this is an island that appears only during low tide. Just you, the significant other, the  White Sand, sea gulls and maybe one other boat of tourists. Then Snorkeling in the coral garden, but i am sure she might also like whatever else you had planned, you know, whatevs.

More images and details on Kisite/Mpunguti Marine park and the trip coming soon.


3 thoughts on “The beauty, morning one | Kisite-Mpunguti

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response. We were staying at the the KWS compound there. At the time, there were charging Kes 150 (~$1.50) for camping and you bring your own gear. The bandas (1BRCottages) were about Kes 1,500 ($15) to Kes 2,000 ($20). These were the charges at the time and were applicable for residents. The charges for Tourists may differ.

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