Adventures in waters little known | Kisite-Mpunguti

Kisite Mpunguti is where you want to fall in love, it is where you want to retire to, it is where you want to escape from the world, its a great honeymoon destination and yes for all of you who are not in to all that, you can run off to Kisite and hold what would make Project X look like child play. I recommend Lower Mpunguti if that is what you want to do. Either way, the 12 hour ride from Nairobi was totally worth it. I could just be saying it so i will show you and hopefully that will begin to understand. The ocean breeze greets you in the morning and if you stay at the KWS Kisite HQ this is the image that you see when you walk down to the beach.


granted, it is not your white sandy beach, but it is a door way to a day to remember…if you know what you are doing

Damn little pricks, you step on one of these and your day is ruined

Otherwise you can just hang out there and wade in the seaweed with urchins (No one likes little pricks)…

Dead crab, yeah, like i would touch a live one, HA!

or play with the crabs  or if you really do not like nature you can have a seat and tweet about how salt water affects metal.  If you love fun, however, you want to go to the magic islands, I know, they sound like something right out of Lord of the Rings where Frodo must pass to…How much am i allowed to digress?

I will leave the boring people to discuss this piece

On the morning we did the tour, it was beautiful day, blue sky, turquoise water,   OK, when i took the pic, the Turquoise kind of got camera, but it was beautiful

Yes, i did the Titanic, and pulled a few lines from Pirates of the Carribean.

We went looking for the Coconut crab which can only be found at Lower Mpunguti, there is very little known about these creatures and as fate would have it, we missed the chance to see them. But i googled a pic for you

coconut crab
Word of caution: this thing snapped a biro held by a warden'(hearsay), dont go with your only biro

 They come in two varieties, the Redish kind and and a darker kind, i don’t know if they are different genders or just races, I don’t know, i did not even see the damn thing. And i really wanted to! for once, i wanted to be up close to something, that if given half a chance, would bite off parts i really need. I took stupid pics with a smaller ones and i was planning to upgrade, see? 

LOL, yes i like this pic, i got crabs…but i hear getting crabs is not an LOL moment . Keep it in your pants…not the crab

but it just had to steal my moment of greatness and not be available. If you go there and want to see the Coconut crab, try morning or evening.  After not seeing to coconut crab we headed to Kisite and on your way there, if you are a little like me, you will squeal and jump around the 1st time you see a dolphin, Shots of the dolphins are, however, tricky to capture and this is what i got..

I know i missed the bloody shot! But this creature will have you staring for hours…if they dont swim off.

Yeah, i know, i suck at that photography thing and only take good shots when its a dead crab on my… moving on.

And this is where i shouted ‘permission to come aboard’ they gave me blank looks. *Kanye Shrug*

You may get to see a dhow or two, i thought it was exciting, don’t judge me, i already said it was my first coast trip so, yeah, village boy shall not be judged. so, stop judging and look at the dhow, smile, download, and be happy for me, OK? Moving on,

Ok as it turns out, i was wasting my excitement on the dhow as i should have saved it for this

Kisite Magic island, the Hobbit in the pic is @Sirfender on twitter
When i took this i was still consumed by its beauty…and fear of the water, first encounter with the ocean

the Kisite Island. This is what is called the magic island of Kisite and no Frodo did not come by here, there is no official account of that but why it is called a magic island is because it is only there in the morning when the tide is low and disappears in the afternoon. It is the whitest beach i have been to (yes i know i have not been to many but we talked about judgement)

You will get to watch birds and ‘birds’ if there are other tourists… but that is if you have time for that. I went snorkeling. Kisite is said to be the best snorkeling locating IN THE COUNTRY and yes we do have some awesome coral gardens in the other Marine parks we visited; Mombasa & Malindi.

For those who have not done snorkeling, to try and explain it is simple words, it is swimming with the fishes…wait…i mean like literally swimming with the fishes. You have your equipment, mask, Snorkel and if you are lucky, Flippers. and if you are like me, a life jacket. With that on, you can float around,  head in the water just you and the fishies for hours.

Mask and Snorkel. All pics i took wearing this have been deleted, i hoped to look like a ninja but i looked like a retarded alien

You lose track of time as you discover this new world. The beautiful coral garden, hundreds of different fish, in all shapes, colors and sizes. You know what? it is not possible to put it in words, this is something you just have to experience next time you are down at the coast. If you do not get to Kisite Mpunguti, which is at the Kenya-Tanzania boarder, you can try Mombasa Marine Park, it is just next to Pirates beach, you can’t get lost…i might, but you shouldn’t.

This is a glimpse of what it looks like, with more fish and a different angle

In the afternoon, you can visit the Wasini island and let the locals feed you, as you learn more about the marvels of their island or you can visit the Slave caves at mashimoni which is a few meters from the KWS Kisite-Mpunguti Marine park HQ. At the end of the day you can reflect at a bonfire or go next door to Smugglers pub, ask for Uncle Sam, jolly good crown. That is how we wound up the day.

The Kisite Mpungiti marine park is located on the south coast, 40km from Ukunda town in Msambeni District of coast province


  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbathing
  • Recreational activities that are enviromentally friendly
  • Licenced filming
  • Bird watching
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Diving
  • Never wanting to come back to “Bara”

5 thoughts on “Adventures in waters little known | Kisite-Mpunguti

  1. This piece made me nostalgic. Been there twice and the beauty can only be explained by one physically visiting the place.

    One thing you might add is that the song “Shimoni” by Roger Whitaker was based on the caves at Mashimoni….ok so my dad had his songs….that’s how I know…

    1. Thank you. You have been there twice? I absolutely have to go back. And no one is judging your playlist *wink* I will look for the song 🙂

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