What does it all Mean?

“either this life is meaningless, or its meaningness eclipsed by a series of events that satisfy for the moment but once yo’ moment’s passed yo’ moment’s the past, poof! dude you cant revive it….”

the above having been said by a musician (Crossmovement), and once you’ve heard it you can’t help but think, what is the meaning of life??is my life meaningful??do i follow one-minute satisfaction and once its gone move to the next??
indeed, life may, sometimes, seem meaningless.

More often than not we find that our lives are shaped by those around us, the society that we have been brought up in and we tend to behave in the manner that our all-knowing tribesmen of previous generations have set.

Did you ever wish you took charge of your life, not born in a tribe, made the decision on who you want to be, chose your name, what course you take, what to have for breakfast or even just your favorite color????
Did you ever feel you live your life, not as you wish, but as acceptable by standards your weren’t party in setting??

Ever wished that your life had more meaning to you, and not just to those around you??
welcome to most people’s lives, the trend in many aliving. the norm.

what brings meaning to one’s life? what definition do you have for ‘the meaning of life’? is the definition generic or is it relative?

As human beings we better than all other beings with respect to our ability to reason, think, consider, love, feel, exist in realms beyond the 3rd dimension. as such we cannot let ourselves believe that we are what we are today by chance, or as explained by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Personally, i don’t think i have the same descendants  as toads, squids and the hyena. that’s why any other explanation coined on the basis of intelligent design is more palatable to most. we really cannot (and should not) force everyone to believe in one religion and believe in one version of a supreme being. But, it would be nice if everybody gave credit to a Creator, a Supreme Being for our existence. if we look around beyond what we humans have destroyed, everything else is perfect, evidence to intelligence unlimited. its only fair we give credit where its due.

Having the above in mind, the master mind of existence must have had a reason to establish the foundation of the earth, set the conditions suitable to sustain life and more importantly give man a brain (and yes feminists, that includes women too). He must have had an answer to the meaning of life to have created it…

what is the meaning of life?

P.s. Atheists, this is not your cue, so…yeah, move along

Post originally written on 26th November, 2007, edited only for grammatical errors. Author might have changed his view since but regards the post as noteworthy.


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