Why my friends some times ignore me. Laura and Tony Stark

IronMan on Illustrator
My Attempt to draw an Ironman mask

I am an Ironman fan, a huge one (yeah i have gained weight…Ok, kind of always had it.) I even tried to draw the mask, see image above. Yeah. That is illistrator for those wondering. So anyway, A friend, Laura (might or might not be their real name, that’s not the point) Knows i love such movies, actually we first met at a movie theater, her and I,  for Avengers, now for a little anticlimax to the hopeless romantics, we met for a movie, we drink together occasionally, the end. oh and we go for movies, and drinks..more drinks really… but, Laura hit me up on the Snitch app, or as you may call it, Whatsapp. (ain’t it a snitch?)

This is how the conversation went:

Laura: when are we going to watch Ironman 3

Ironman poster
Ironman poster. Image credit: http://danhacker.tumblr.com  

me: You know, the world would be a much better place if Ironman was an animated movie educating children on the benefits of taking iron-rich foods, the hero can be a spinach. But now.its all violence and destruction and the selling the idea that the world is a hopeless place with super villains and our security solely lies on the existence of philanthropic billionaire playboys like Tony Stark,

when we come back to the real world we find that all billionaires don’t care about saving the world, they are killing it!  and we have no super heroes to save us. So movies like this just make our lives more miserable for the super hero in real life is the villain and we have no hope. And we are still ignorant on the benefits of iron… But yeah.

Of course we will attend the premier, I would not miss it for anything. You get the snacks and tickets, I get to carry them. Deal?

Laura: *Logs off Whatsapp*

So yeah, That is how i end up alienating people. Damn you Tony Stark!!! For Ironman fans, you may have already seen it but you know a real fan will not get tired of seeing it again. Here is the official trailer. May 1st mark your calender.

Ironman 3
official Ironman 3 poster, I think

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