Age of ‘#Reactvertising’: How Brands reacted to #PoleKwaMwirigi

So, while Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Kenya was celebrating something entirely different.

For some, it was Sharon Mundia’s engagement while for some it was the roast of Bobby Mwirigi and we have Currie_Powder to thank (or blame).

For those who do not have the back story, it may all may not fit here, but Sharon is a hot, celebrated fashion blogger (she also works for Capital FM and has a segment called Our2Cents) and Bobby is …a blogger, car enthusiast, Lumia ambassador, BAKE Co-founder (I Think). Currie_Powder is a tweep and lion herder and a respected member of #KOT trolls club and #TeamMafisi (Also great conqueror of Kola Boof). Bobby, allegedly has a huge crush on Sharon and ‘everybody’ knows.

This is how it all started, with a tweet (and I believe a Facebook also) from Sharon about her engagement, which as we would all expect, probably, broke Bobby’s heart.

Soon after that, Currie_Powder picked it up and started the campaign #PoleKwaMwirigi

Given Sharon’s popularity, of course, a lot of people clicked on the link(s) and shared and retweeted. This may have caused the site to crash.

What followed was a flood of tweets, memes, videos etc, all making fun of the situation. They are all too many to add here so I will just add the brands that participated.
Some brands did a good job while others missed. This is the new age of advertising, some people call it “Real Time Marketing”, others call it “Reactvertising” (sounds a bit cheesy but I swear I did not coin it). So whether the following tweets live up to the above titles or not hinges on how relevant the brand made the situation to their brand or products. Otherwise, it is just an attempt to remain relevant…

The tweets are not in any order, here you go.

Capital won with this

Swahili Beach may have been the first to find the fiance on twitter and tag him

Ebru Africa (slow clap, subtle and nice)

Kenya Re (well that was unexpected…But well in guys, well in)

Exclusive VIP (guys…well…ok)

Merica Hotels (ok…just Ok, you pushed it a bit)

Chase Bank (Slow clap guys, slow clap…well played)

Philips East Africa (hehehe, not expected but nicely done)

Kenya Sevens (LOL, guys, easy with the tackles, be nice!)

Durex Kenya (smooth…very smooth)

More from Capital FM (hehe, they went HAM on this)

Pizza Inn (nice)

My Road Traffic (I think you tried a bit too hard)

DStv (good word play)

GP Karting (when you get trolled by GP Karting, you need that drink. But also drinking and driving guys?)

Yup, Capital was on a roll -The Jam 98.4

Lumia East Africa (Lumia Ain’t loyal! LOL)

Kenya Airways (subtle…but not subtle yet hilarious)

Of course, KCB Group had to. LOL

AAR Insurance (these guys just took it and ran with it)

And this one is not a brand but it just won, well in Governor

Oh, and for those interested on how Sharon reacted to the trend, he got ‘friend-zoned’.

So which other brands might I have missed?

Which brands do you think won the newsjacking battle? I am with Brand Mwirigi, his mentions and impressions on the hashtag on his handle and the hashtag must be crazy


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