You are mediocre to the world

It is not that I will sleep any better when you text me good night. I sleep well any way.

But if you do the moments leading to my sleep will be glorious.

You do not have the best voice I have very heard, actually on an unbiased scale it is pretty mediocre.

But when you speak it is all I want to listen to.

I have seen women hotter than you, which would probably explain my former wallpapers and the need to zoom into twitter avis and stare.

But when I look at you, no amount of beauty could cause the rush of excitement I get from looking at you. Your body, well, admittedly, you can do better. but better is not what I want.

I bet there are smarter people than you. I have met some.

But if smart is all I was looking for I might as well have Einstein as my wall paper.

You are moody some times and it would be nice if it weren’t so, you are unreasonable when you are mad and that just bloody pisses me off. You are flawed, not the smartest, not the strongest, not the hottest.

But smart people make mistakes and the principled get boring, the hottest will some times annoy you and a sweet voice with time will be justification to up an leave, the most reasonable get predictable.

Perfection is all that we sometimes strive for but no one ever finds the right recipe. nobody is perfect, nobody ever was. Had I set out to look for the perfect one I would probably would have died searching, or worse, settle.

You are anything but perfect but perfect is not what I am looking for. I am not even looking, for in you I found all I could ever want, you. In you, beauty has no meaning and brains make no sense, I don’t want to just stare or argue.

I just want what I find in you. For in you is where I want to be.

You are not perfect, but you are all I want.

You are mediocre to the world, but you are my world.

Did you just brand that poor child?

“Did you see how they made the child wear their T-Shirt and smile for the camera?” corporates are just ticks that will take advantage of any situation that gets any attention. They will show up with a van full of pull up banners and another full of branded t-shirts. Corporates have that guy in the media that will get them coverage on the news for free, some will even buy the media drinks (I heard from a guy who heard from a guy who had drinks with a girl that was told by the cousin, I think. I hope then that covers the part where you ask me for proof, yes?) so that they can give them a heads up on issues in society where the corporate can swing in and ‘save the day.’ and also give them coverage as the swoop in in their banded caps.
They want to be associated with problem solving and saving the day. Giving back to society, they call it.
Have you noticed how smug they look when the shake the hands of the ‘privileged’ winner as the hand then the gigantic dummy cheque? They will do anything to endear themselves to the masses, they will make a buzz and shove a hashtag so far up your….your… Timeline (dramatic pause for non tweeps to Google hashtag and timeline) *hold music* ______________ and make sure that you know what they are up to.
They spend millions on these causes which are so far from their core business that you wonder if they just hire someone to do their superman make up, hair gel and primary coloured underpants worn on top of their pants. Shameless, isn’t it? Is it?

To answer your question yes they do hire people do their superman make up, these are PR professionals and PR agencies. They make the stuck up white collar kinds look like well ripped, agile and helpful lot.
They highlight their success in business and their generosity to society. These makeup artists do this for a living. Corporate social responsibility they call it.

A question that often arises when this happens is, do these corporate types even care about the cause? Is it ethical for them to exploit these opportunities to further their brand? My ethics lecturer in campus did make this for a topic of discussion, it was fun to argue as it killed the 2hour lecture quite quick, she later put it in the exam, who does that? I digress.
I am not sure how i argued it but I do remember a lesson she tight on human dignity. What happens when your idea of ethics stands in the way of human dignity? So many people have criticized the corporate for the causes they support as they are only out to exploit the real victims.
In my humble opinion (and this is why I love digital soap boxes as I cannot get stoned) the so called real victims do not care what the company gets from swinging in to help. They only care that the solution is offered.
The company has no obligation to help. It is a legal entity, yes, and that means that it can transact in business with individuals and other companies as itself without lifting the corporate veil (yes that last part was me showing off and giving back to my business law lecturer for being so kind as to talk me to sleep) being a legal entity, its existence only serves for business purposes and is therefore not subject to the laws of morality. So as long as it is within the law and the majority consent of the share holders it is, again, in my humble opinion, that the company can do whatever it wishes to further its objectives.

You may argue a company should not hide behind the concept of the corporate veil to do whatever it wants, there are people that are agents of the company that should be ethical and care for society. Well these people have job descriptions that do not include feeling Aaaawww for the society and if they do, indeed care, they have salaries which they, if they care so much, can use to help. The company has an obligation to its customers and its shareholders. It is in its better interest, not obligation, to serve the society around it. This means that the community from which sources for its workforce and potential customers are taken care of so that when it comes to making that buying decision in the case of the customer and waking up to go to work in the case of the employees, the decision is made with a favourable mindset towards the company.
Having said that, corporates that show up and get the attention and give no solution should be ashamed and their products boycotted. This is the power that you yield as a customer. Let us not demonize CSR as a concept, let us only shun greed. If a company solves a real problem in society by offering a real sustainable solution they are to be commended, if they choose to brand the solution, what do you care, you did nothing while they did all the heavy lifting, let them be. At the end of the day a company is a business with the objective of making profit and the duty to offer products and services that make sense to the customer. If giving to society helps their cause, well and good.

It is what we would call a win-win, the ‘victims’ win and the ‘knight in shining armour’ wins. The only loser is the critic who refuses to be objective in their self righteous criticism while they did nothing to help the society. They only went as far as retweeting to look like they care. So between the branded solution and the hypocritical retweet, who is ethically bankrupt?

The views on this post are of my own. However, if any corporate would like to feel generous and give me a macbook pro/air, I will brand it wear your tshirt, smile and wave. But before you do, there are real issues out there, should you so feel inclined to offer real solutions, please do, they are much needed, and you can brand the hell out of them.

Over to you Michael…

Take time to listen…you could be saving someone’s life.

Give me your thoughts…like i give you mine…

Every day I try and be grateful for everything I have especially the gift of life. I may not be the richest person in the world, or the person who has fulfilled all their dreams but I’m grateful to be alive. It’s a gift we often take for granted while we really shouldn’t.

After today, I’m very grateful for the people who are and were in my life who took time to listen. Whether what I said made sense, was utter garbage, was selfish or was kind. The bottom line and most important thing is that they listened to me. For a good part of my teen life, I was a troubled child. I felt alone, unwanted, unloved. I got into depression by 15 and was a cutter. Life made absolutely no sense to me, I was led to believe I did nothing right and I had no confidence or self-esteem…I was a useless waste of space. My parents never told me that I was worth something, they were busy fighting over who was the better parent and insulting each other till the sun went down. I often thought to myself…why am I here? I am better off dead.

In all this, I found myself going to my friend’s house a great deal. I loved her mother. To me she had all the imperfections that made her perfect. A woman who loved her drink and smoked like a factory chimney. She was perfect. I watched her communicate with her daughter with envy and I wished that my parents were the same. She could sense there was something wrong with me and slowly I began to open up. She was a voice of affirmation. She made me believe that I actually was somebody. She listened. And I am grateful. She is part of the reason I am alive. She made me believe and I am grateful.

Today I went to see her and found her with a friend. After a while, her friend began to speak of how useless her son was. As much as I wanted to reach out and choke her…I sat there in silence and wondered if she knew that she was probably part of the problem. I know her son…he’s a quiet young man. Recently, my friend brought it to my attention that he was a cutter and was troubled over something he never shared. After his mother left, I was left with my friend’s mom and we began to discuss what was wrong.  He had all the signs I had as a teen and I told her that he was in trouble. If he didn’t find an outlet soon he would either be six feet in the ground or in a prison somewhere.

The boy had been neglected since she got a baby. She put him at the back of her mind. He feels left out; he feels alone, he feels unwanted. Every day, he goes home and goes straight to his room and blasts music blocking out everything else. They do not communicate. They are as good as two strangers who live in the same house. His father is a distant man, to him being a father is sending a cheque for fees and giving him the finger. Once he went to see his dad and asked for fare and his dad put him down. Told him that he was no good of a son and that he could walk home…after all…he was a man. I heard this and felt sick…I wanted to cry. I knew there was a problem and had to make my friends mom understand that she had to do something.

I then reminded her of how great an outlet she was when I was going through my hard teenage years. Too many times in our lives we come across people who are crying for help but we are either too busy, too clueless or too ignorant and selfish to listen. It does not cost a thing to listen. It does not cost a thing to reassure and give comfort to a person. You never know what you are saving! It could be self-worth, love, talent…anything. I recently met a remarkable man whose head was filled with untruths about his talent… about things that he could do but was told he couldn’t. For a while…he believed in what they said to him…until I saw some of his talent and I broke down. I was moved to tears yet I consider myself quite tough. He was excellent at what he did. I had to tell him he was…I had to make him believe he was worth something. I had to make him see himself in my eyes.

I may not be a parent, but I have had enough experience as a child to tell you this, your child needs your attention and affirmation. They need your support through every ‘Phase’ (for lack of a better word) they go through. As a parent, you must find or have something positive to say about your child. Appreciate them for the good they do and discipline with love for the wrongs they do. Too often we find that a child took their own lives and we ask why…after all, he had everything…WRONG! There was something major missing! You as a parent didn’t see the signs and neither did you the class mate, the best friend or the acquaintance. You buried your head in the sand when they began to act out and you called them stubborn or a brat when they did things out of the ordinary. You need to realize that it came from somewhere… and most of the time it’s that you and I failed to listen. Someone said to me that when a child feels unloved, that’s a heart you can’t fix and even if you do succeed…it will take hard work on your part. I appreciate all the kids who grew up like this and turned out bruised but alright! Those who became stronger after their trials.

A wise owl sat on an oak; the more he saw the more the less he spoke; the less he spoke, the more he heard; why aren’t we like this wise old bird? Take time to listen…you could be saving someone’s life.

[Guest post]


This is short and it was inspired by watching ‘The King’s Speech“.


Every one need s a hand to hold theirs when it goes numb, a shoulder lay the weight of their thoughts, a heart that knows them and a mind that feels theirs

Words fail me. King George VI stammered but words fail me. His tongue with a stammer but mine in a knot. Both caused by fear of the known, unknown that which will always be present. we find trouble speaking. George to his subjects and i my dreams. George his words and i my mind. He had Lionel and i want you. I do not equate my self to George for i am no king, i have not in my veins a single drop of royal blood and i shall not ask for the same privileges as afforded to the king. I merely ask for what the king lacked and got. That which his status could not afford that he had to earn, that which George and i with need. A friend to hold me as i speak, they who will  not give up on me. Until i find my tongue until i sing my mind. If i should be so lucky as George to find Lionel in you.

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How will you fight

Our country is at war.


And when most people hear the word war, they look around. They check to see if the al shabaab has attacked us they check to see if any of our neighbors have waged war against us.

The truth is, The war is with an enemy within.

Our neighbors have not sent their troops against us. The enemy is within. And again when i say that, many of you are quick to look at the immigrants,

“is this what they have been planning all along?”

“hell, i live next to one.”

“I even have an immigrant friend, and the way he looks at me is suggestive and not in the good kind of way.”

See, the enemy is within us, i say again. Our enemies are our heroes, they that we have celebrated and chosen above all others. Those that by our choice have pulled this country to its knees, those that we know are our cancer but we do nothing about. And again we look without. You are now probably thinking of our politicians.

A wise man once said that “…every democracy gets the leaders it deserves.” And i support the saying. Our leaders are a reflection of us.

Our country is at war, i repeat. And this is not a very politically way to put it but when i am done, i hope you will see it. You will probably still think that the word war is the wrong word to use but read along. I look not to convince you that war is the right word, i only seek to point it out.

We are at war people. And the enemy is within.

Our politicians are again not the enemy that i refer to.


The enemy is within, the war is within us and we are our own worst enemies.
The battles that you fight within you everyday may show without but whether they do or not, whether you win or lose, the war is on and tomorrow you fight another battle. We are the reason our country is lagging behind and while blaming our politicians is a great way to deal with your daily battles, that kind of pointing fingers only puts us lower in our knees, it is the way we continue to lose.

You battle with yourself everyday to get out of bed.

Employees, you fight to give the least you can,

employers you fight to keep the employees under your foot. Daily reminding them who is boss.

Are you giving your employer all that they pay you for,.and more? It is your responsibility, moral and contractual to take that company to the next level. For they that have taken any course in business have probably come across the truth that a manager is he/she that gets things done through other people. They are not there to push the functions to efficiency,.they simply manage the process. There is only so much you can do with a broken tool. Are you, as an employee, a broken tool because if you are…the manger will  lose. And while that maybe one of your goals, remember when the company performs poorly, you lose more that your boss.
Employers have you enabled your employees to give their best? Is your approval process such a pain in the ass that they would rather not even try harder? You are a manager, ensure that your resources work optimally as it is the only way that your role is justified. Workers respect you more if you enable them. Having your subordinates fear you may appear effective but without respect they Will never be inspired to make you look better. Little battles that your have within yourself of insecurity and fear Will just ensure that you lose the war.

Do you give your all in relationships? Cheating in our country is alarming. You never give a chance because you have not been given one. You have made your relationship a battle field and trust me, it make one of the best battle fields. If all you want is a fight, There is no better opponent to fight as your spouse. You are not of the same gender and you have different preferences, you have different friends and your values may not always match. You feel differently towards different circumstances and the decisions you make cannot be more different. Your Spouse is the best opponent you could ever have, you have every reason to fight them. Thing is once you start down that road, the relationship is done. Relationships are built on trust, faith, which is even more visually impaired than love. You need to trust them completely. If you make them an enemy, it is a default setting not to trust your enemy and an even more intrinsic truth that without trust, relationships don’t work. Trust. Compromise. Love, In whatever order, but do all three.

If you take your work frustrations to your relationships and vice versa, you lose on both. You lose money and hence you cut corners to make more, you fight that colleague who is doing it right, you lose faith in your partner and you cut corners to fill the lost love. And when all you do is cut corners you lose out on both.

We are at war.

If you cannot trust yourself to do the basics, your job, your relationships, your family, how can you be entrusted to build a nation? How can you be entrusted to ensure that we as a country are self sufficient. We are at war. We do not want to work on anything but we want the fruit, so we steal it. Its kills you a little inside but you know no other way.

You steal office supplies and sleep with everyone in the office, you neglect your family and screw over your friends. You are weak and vulnerable.


Multiply that personal failure by thousands, possibly millions and what do you have? A country that has lost in a millions of individual wars. A country whose general moral fibre is a picture of decay, a country that is willing to sell off to the highest bidder and when that actually happens, we look without. We blame terrorist, we blame politicians, we blame the west while the whole time the real enemy is within.

We are at war people. You are at war. How Will you fight?

Work hard and earn your pay, whether you are an employer or an employee.

Build that company and the country Will benefit

Work hard and fight for your relationships.

Value and respect your friends. Build that respect and the country Will be respectable.

Be at peace with yourself and national peace Will follow suit.

We are at war people. How Will you fight?


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A young mind, an old heart and a sunrise

Disclaimer, this started off as an inspired piece in the dead of night…inspiration ran dry at some point…hope it makes sense. Enjoy

The young king stands at the threshold of the balcony almost afraid to step out onto it, his gaze lost into the horizon when the golden sun lazily glows to greet the day. The landscape is awash with the glow. All is still, all is calm, all but the mock of the birds, that as they soar tends to ask ‘ what took you so long you lazy king, we have been at work from dusk’. The young king breaks a slight smile from the stupid though of mocking birds. The smile does nothing the melt the frown, he wants to believe its from the glare from the sun but he is prudent enough to know that the frown is from the issues that weigh on his mind. The weight of his worries is beyond his age and his wisdom, he argues. He then is reminded of kings that had conquered the known world while still well below his age. He reminds himself, as if talking in third person, of the legend of Napoleon, his conquests, and how his only worry was that there was no more land left to conquer. The young king’s heart sinks, he can now feel the weight of his robe anchoring him where he stood. As if in submission, his shoulders drop. He exhales into the cold air and the mist that results reminds him only of his clouded mind. I should not be king. His father had left the kingdom to him at this tender age, he, in the time he was prince, never saw this coming so soon. He never learnt, he never cared to. He had only known how to solve things as they came to him, this of course was easy for him as he had resources at his disposal and people to clean after his messes and a king to cover up for it all. Now he was king. He let out another laboured breath, mist. Now his gaze had been worn down by his thoughts, it hurt him to gaze at the kingdom he felt he did not deserve. He stared at the floor of the balcony before him, such craftsmanship. The masons knew what they were doing. He did not.
His lungs were heavy in his chest and his body felt weak. There was some movement behind him but he did not bother to look.
“what weighs on your mind, my king.” Her voice was soft and her words smooth as the scarlet silk sheets that barely covered her naked body.
With shoulders still dropped he turns his head to gaze upon his favourite part of the kingdom, daughter of the northern kingdom and his queen. The sun kissed her thigh and it looked golden, and her hair reminded him of a Greek tale about a golden fleece, he would have sworn she sparkled in the morning sun. His breathing became easy and his shoulders were raised. He smiled and turned towards her.
“Good morning my queen, I only stand here to look down on my kingdom” he says
“Your were barely on the balcony, why do you hide from it, you are king.”
She is very insightful, he thought.
‘I love that I can be weak around you.”
She replied, “its hurts me so that you find it easy to be less the man you are around me.”
“My lady, I am king only by blood and the kingdom out there deserves more than an idiot to entrust their lives to”
“My Lord,” she was now standing in front of him, holding the scarlet sheet wrapped around her at the chest, he loved that she could distracting so much that he never noticed her moving up to him. She continued “..this kingdom has never had a more befitting King. It should be so lucky.”
“Darius would make a better king”
“My Lord, Darius is a fine soldier but a hot head, your best friend but no king. He lacks in diplomacy and his decisions are rush”
“but he gets things done and…”
“and he would kill a man to make a meal, where was Darius when you signed a truce with my father, the two kingdoms are better off economically for the decision you made”
“but he is brave.”
“brave is riding unarmed into the enemy’s territory and ending a 10 year war and marrying his daughter, who fell in love with you when you first walked into the kings court.”
“My lady, you only see me as the man I want to be”
“I see you as the man you are, the man who you are afraid you are, for you while you may make up for your mistakes to the world with your charm, you wouldn’t know how to live with yourself if you disappointed yourself.”
She continues, “you are my king, and king of all the land that you see, you say it yourself that you can be weak around me. I want you to change that, be the man that you are and when you feel weak, then you always have me to hold you, for when I said in strength and in weakness I meant it. For in abundance of laughter and a river or tears, for better for worse, I do, I do love you and always will.”
The young king had at that point the cloud lifted. He was ready to face the world.

Marketing Lessons from the Bench

All Kenyan, all


if you can complete that phrase i guess you get my drift. Jeff Koinange, everybody knows his story, started off in Kenya…made a splash in Kenyan journalism bringing something we had not seen before, swag. He then went to CNN and everyone wanted to chip in when a conversation about Jeff’s success came up, everybody wanted to be look like they were in the know and were with it.

Then he comes back to Kenya and again makes a splash at K24 with the bench. We could all look at k24 and say that it’s a great station but let’s admit it, Jeff brought it to new heights with the bench, otherwise, it would have been just another TV station promising something new and not delivering, as was the case with Classic TV. I am not saying that Classic did not really live up to what they promised, and I am not saying it was not new, but if we were to be honest just a little bit we all can say it gave us what we did not want.

Marketing 101: Know your target market, identify the segments, choose a segment and own it. The trick in Marketing is always to find a unique positioning in the customers mind and not only that but a favourable positioning. Another trick is to be new in what you are offering and be the first. If you cannot find something to be first at, create one or remodel one. Bringing me back to Jeff, is the bench new? Interviewing personalities and bringing out their stories to the world? In general terms no, it is as old as the media industry itself, in Kenya it has been done for ages and KBC (Good evening viewers) did it when it was the only station and continues to do it today, and all other media stations have come up and done it as it has always been done. So ideally speaking what Jeff does on the bench is not new.

Am i then contradicting myself by calling him a great marketer that plays by the foundation rules of marketing especially that one of being new and unique, never done before and a first? No. give me a minute I will drive the point home. Interviewing personalities is not new, but Jeff made it new, fresh and let us admit, relateable, if such a word exists. So what is new, what is unique? Why is the bench a first? And what other aspects of marketing has Jeff used to make the bench what it is today? Well I will list them below;

New: It is on a relatively new station, it is on a bench, it is daily, it’s not in a studio, it is by the same host and it cuts across all industries and disciplines. If you remember all the other interviews that have happened in the past you will notice they are hardly regular, and tend to happen when there is a news article that is bound to capture the interest of the masses albeit temporarily. What do I mean?  I mean all other interviews we have watched before are in the very least, opportunistic. It’s cashing on in the excitement of the masses which is as good as selling vuvuzelas since everybody wants one, which is once in so many years. It’s like a sales promo, a buy-one-get-one offer. Jeff’s bench is not a seasonal offer; he has made it a product and made you love it. No one else has been able to do this. It’s new and its fresh and you will love it no matter who you are.

Unique: it is on a bench!!! How unique is that? You can always easily remember it and the lush green background just appeals to the part of you that loves sunshine and nature and sunny dresses…what?  You don’t like sunny dresses? Really? What are you? A robot? Sunny dresses are…i digress. The guests we see on the bench are not politicians or political analysts or people that have traded in their personalities to a profession. They are real people who have become great for who they are. People not objects.

It is a first: It is only on Jeff’s bench that you will meet Rose Nasimiyu and Reverend Njoya and love them, it does not discriminate and you never thought you would want to know more about Maina Kageni or Sauti sol or Aly Khan Satchu or Bob Collymore…wrong! A part of you has always wanted to meet all of them but never thought it possible, Jeff came through for you and you got to learn more about them. Think about your favourite interview and place it in a studio…not so appealing now is it? Maybe the interviewee would be a little up tight and not as open due to all the big cameras, lights and the small room (yes most studios are tiny) and they would not be open. On a bench, out in the open, at the Norfolk everybody will feel calm and open up and you get to see them in a light you have always wanted. Human.

Other lessons on marketing we can learn from Jeff’s bench

simple: because and I cannot emphasize this enough….a bench is so simple! The interviews are not dragged out, they get straight to the point, the guests for once get to be easy and relaxed, Jeff finds a way to make you laugh,(what’s simpler than laughter on a bench?) and they are mostly on a first name basis. It is just two people talking on a bench! Be honest, how many times have you caught yourself  smiling when they smile and feeling sad when the situation call for it? and let’s not forget, the catch phrase ALL KENYAN AAAAALL THE TIME and he has made every guest say that. lol…and now you can’t get it out of your head, and you always say it with them!!

consistent, we all know the time the show airs! You know where! Which is the thing with marketing, if you have a great product but people don’t know the where and when to get it, it is as useless as the unqualified intern you hired because your mother-in-law asked you to.

content: In the information age, CONTENT IS KING. This means it does not matter what kind of packaging you give it, if the content sucks you will only enjoy the first day of business where everyone buys out of curiosity. You cannot compromise on the quality of content. We have met the great and mighty on Jeff’s bench we have been informed by Jeff’s bench, we know more because of Jeff’s bench you love Kenya a little more because of Jeff’s bench.

There are many more marketing lessons we can learn from Jeff and the Bench but now I need to proof read this and see if I can google some images and maybe a few links. Bottom line, Jeff and the Bench are a Marketing success story. Now to get me some cereal!

Social Patriotism

One of my past Avi’s was a fist with kenyan colors on it. On an average day before twitter i would wake up and and hate the government for i thought it misrepresented Kenya. Politicians would make promises they had no intention of keeping, they would put out each other’s dirty linen in public, go back on their word, loot public funds and bump up their salaries at will (ok, on that last one i bet you’d do the same).
We saw all the political games on the media daily and slowly we moved from enjoying the circus and went through the five steps of mourning (it became like watching arsenal every season). Denial, anger, depression, bargaining and sadly acceptance. We started being at home with the possibility that maybe the political scene could only change for the worse, that as a nation that has relied on the government to build this nation we would suffer stunted growth forever. It became alarmingly apparent that despite all the hating we did we had made the wrong decision at the ballot chosing the leaders that were least likely to help this country up off its knees. It became a possibility that we chose as we saw fit, that we chose they that best represent who we are.
Enter social media.
We all flocked facebook and for a while it gave us asylum from the cruel reality of our world, we accumilated friends and poked each other. This like many government programs was a temporary fix and like many government programs this worked, we forgot our pains and imminent failures as a nation. We would post updates as a way of venting against injustices but despite the comments and likes, we understood this was as futile as having a crush on a celebrity.
Enter twitter. For months i had no idea how to use twitter and the 140 character rule bothered me. It was not until after crazy nairobian told me it was for the smart and probably the reason i dont get it that i got the renewed interest. I quit the old account and opened another one. To cut the long story short, Twitter is a lot of thinhs and some may argue that it has made us closer and bettr as a nation but while we can’t accurately measure how patriotic Twitter and social media has made us, i can say this for sure; the greatest Kenyans i know in the real definition of the word, i met on twitter. These are men and women that have had a Voice for the REAL Kenya. Kenyans that dedicate themselves to share information and give objective opinions about our nation. Kenyans that have started campaigns that will very well change this country forever. If without mentioning names or handles or any specific campaigns some already populate in mind. Then my point is made.
Long live Kenya. Long live social media.

Disclaimer: excuse any typos, this post was made in a mat in traffic. Courtesy of WordPress app on android.

A Woman’s place

lets brew controversy, you and me.

I will attempt to go ahead and write a note that is both uninspired and without direction at the time of 1st letter typing.

This not is note about you; it’s not a note about me. It’s not a shot at any gender, or a prop to the other, it’s simply putting in words, the battle that our generation has to fight with everyday.
Yes, by our generation I am saying anyone who was born in the same decade as computers (and maybe AIDS, but that is not of any consequence whatsoever in this note, but remember, stay safe.)

I hope that serves as disclaimer enough.

Question, where is the woman’s place? More directly, is the woman’s place the kitchen? And before we proceed, ladies that was not a conclusion, it was a question, in your mind, in my mind, in the mind of everyone who did not watch Kenyatta’s funeral service live. and gentlemen, it was a rhetorical question so now you can take back you answers, both biased and hypocritical.

If we answer that question with a no, we will be saying that it’s optional that the woman be in the kitchen and to some extent insinuating that it has come of age that it be the man’s place. it could also imply that when the alarm rings in the morning, husband and wife will wake up and play a rock-paper-scissors to decide who makes breakfast, then they can both go to work, and in the evening depending on who gets the remote 1st, the cook for the evening will be who has to walk over to the TV to flip channel.

if we answer the question with a yes, we will be saying that, “the time tested ways of our ancestors are best” (in 100 years you’ll be an ancestor, LOL).this will mean that the alarm rings in the morning and the wife wakes, goes to the kitchen makes breakfast and an hour later the husband can come down, scratching, and am not talking belly, sits his self (read ass) on the table waits to be served, they both drive to work, and in the evening she will have to hurry home and make the meal.

Depending on your gender you might find yourself inclined to one or the other of the above or a modified version of either.

What is my take? What is the verdict? What has the jury decided? What is the ruling? (What is wrong with me and all the metaphors?)

I think that is a question that cannot be soberly answered by any of the genders, we cannot rule out bias, I mean we have, since Adam and Eve, been in constant battle. Since the fallout in the Garden of Eden (read garden of conveniently placed bushes) been trying to outdo each other, shall I go out on a limb right now and declare it a tie? I mean, the battle of the sexes will never be won, not with either side constantly sleeping with the enemy, literally. So can we stop fighting now, all this fighting is making me hungry, who is in the kitchen?

So we will elect an unbiased judge. Time. Yes let us make time the judge of this controversy that you and I have created.

1. TIME of old.
it has always been the woman’s place, the kitchen, everything that we are has come from the past we have lived, the fact the we are here today should say that someone somewhere did something right, the way it should be, our folks, theirs folks and all other folkses before that, it work, it has been tested, the woman was decided to have her place in the kitchen, the man goes out hunting and the woman waits, gossiping, for the husband to bring home the kill, no, wait, I just went back a million years ago, we don’t hunt anymore, (unless u r a Delamare), and women don’t stay home no more, and we have single mothers and they go to work and we have jobless husbands, ok ok ok so my premise is wrong. But we have seen men go out to look for a home-cooked meal when the same is not availed at home. Should we use the time-tested way of keeping a happy home? U tell me.

2. The present TIME
I will go out and say, 2 out 3 of my bosses have been ladies, and they did one hell of a job (get your head out of the gutter u idiot). They worked late house and came in early, worked as hard as their male counterparts and in some instances beat the in performance. The past was cut out, the husband goes out and hustles, the woman is polite enough to make the meals, but now they both hustle. To show the woman to the kitchen is oppressive, for a jobless husband to demand the working wife to cook, (ok let’s not even go there, this is a not about men and women and he is not either, and it’s not coz he is jobless, it the other thing). So should we embrace the new and share duties in the kitchen? Or should men not take over.

3. TIME in the future
no I am not psychic to see into the future and know what time in the future holds for the sexes, no I did not read horoscopes (which cannot be used as in place of CVs to show your bright future in an interview….no I am not talking from experience)…I am talking about the future you hold in your hand, the future u dictate by the decisions u make, the future of the sexes and how they relate to each other, the future of you and your significant other. What kind of a future do you want? To say that the kitchen is strictly a woman’s place and impose it on your working wife will impact heavily on your future and how you relate, benefits expected and corresponding availability. To shun the kitchen as a woman and neglect that your man needs you to serve (yes, serve not necessarily cook), at least one meal in a day will also impact on your future, his future meals, and direction it all goes.

so time has made a verdict, you cannot just look at where we have been, or where we are, we need to look at both with regard for the time to come, how you choose to mix the different elements of time depends on you, you get the recipe wrong and life will be bloated with the displeasure of an upset relationship with the one person that’s meant to got your back (yes, I meant it that way grammatically.)