What does it all Mean?

“either this life is meaningless, or its meaningness eclipsed by a series of events that satisfy for the moment but once yo’ moment’s passed yo’ moment’s the past, poof! dude you cant revive it….”

the above having been said by a musician (Crossmovement), and once you’ve heard it you can’t help but think, what is the meaning of life??is my life meaningful??do i follow one-minute satisfaction and once its gone move to the next??
indeed, life may, sometimes, seem meaningless.

More often than not we find that our lives are shaped by those around us, the society that we have been brought up in and we tend to behave in the manner that our all-knowing tribesmen of previous generations have set.

Did you ever wish you took charge of your life, not born in a tribe, made the decision on who you want to be, chose your name, what course you take, what to have for breakfast or even just your favorite color????
Did you ever feel you live your life, not as you wish, but as acceptable by standards your weren’t party in setting??

Ever wished that your life had more meaning to you, and not just to those around you??
welcome to most people’s lives, the trend in many aliving. the norm.

what brings meaning to one’s life? what definition do you have for ‘the meaning of life’? is the definition generic or is it relative?

As human beings we better than all other beings with respect to our ability to reason, think, consider, love, feel, exist in realms beyond the 3rd dimension. as such we cannot let ourselves believe that we are what we are today by chance, or as explained by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Personally, i don’t think i have the same descendants  as toads, squids and the hyena. that’s why any other explanation coined on the basis of intelligent design is more palatable to most. we really cannot (and should not) force everyone to believe in one religion and believe in one version of a supreme being. But, it would be nice if everybody gave credit to a Creator, a Supreme Being for our existence. if we look around beyond what we humans have destroyed, everything else is perfect, evidence to intelligence unlimited. its only fair we give credit where its due.

Having the above in mind, the master mind of existence must have had a reason to establish the foundation of the earth, set the conditions suitable to sustain life and more importantly give man a brain (and yes feminists, that includes women too). He must have had an answer to the meaning of life to have created it…

what is the meaning of life?

P.s. Atheists, this is not your cue, so…yeah, move along

Post originally written on 26th November, 2007, edited only for grammatical errors. Author might have changed his view since but regards the post as noteworthy.

A Woman’s place

lets brew controversy, you and me.

I will attempt to go ahead and write a note that is both uninspired and without direction at the time of 1st letter typing.

This not is note about you; it’s not a note about me. It’s not a shot at any gender, or a prop to the other, it’s simply putting in words, the battle that our generation has to fight with everyday.
Yes, by our generation I am saying anyone who was born in the same decade as computers (and maybe AIDS, but that is not of any consequence whatsoever in this note, but remember, stay safe.)

I hope that serves as disclaimer enough.

Question, where is the woman’s place? More directly, is the woman’s place the kitchen? And before we proceed, ladies that was not a conclusion, it was a question, in your mind, in my mind, in the mind of everyone who did not watch Kenyatta’s funeral service live. and gentlemen, it was a rhetorical question so now you can take back you answers, both biased and hypocritical.

If we answer that question with a no, we will be saying that it’s optional that the woman be in the kitchen and to some extent insinuating that it has come of age that it be the man’s place. it could also imply that when the alarm rings in the morning, husband and wife will wake up and play a rock-paper-scissors to decide who makes breakfast, then they can both go to work, and in the evening depending on who gets the remote 1st, the cook for the evening will be who has to walk over to the TV to flip channel.

if we answer the question with a yes, we will be saying that, “the time tested ways of our ancestors are best” (in 100 years you’ll be an ancestor, LOL).this will mean that the alarm rings in the morning and the wife wakes, goes to the kitchen makes breakfast and an hour later the husband can come down, scratching, and am not talking belly, sits his self (read ass) on the table waits to be served, they both drive to work, and in the evening she will have to hurry home and make the meal.

Depending on your gender you might find yourself inclined to one or the other of the above or a modified version of either.

What is my take? What is the verdict? What has the jury decided? What is the ruling? (What is wrong with me and all the metaphors?)

I think that is a question that cannot be soberly answered by any of the genders, we cannot rule out bias, I mean we have, since Adam and Eve, been in constant battle. Since the fallout in the Garden of Eden (read garden of conveniently placed bushes) been trying to outdo each other, shall I go out on a limb right now and declare it a tie? I mean, the battle of the sexes will never be won, not with either side constantly sleeping with the enemy, literally. So can we stop fighting now, all this fighting is making me hungry, who is in the kitchen?

So we will elect an unbiased judge. Time. Yes let us make time the judge of this controversy that you and I have created.

1. TIME of old.
it has always been the woman’s place, the kitchen, everything that we are has come from the past we have lived, the fact the we are here today should say that someone somewhere did something right, the way it should be, our folks, theirs folks and all other folkses before that, it work, it has been tested, the woman was decided to have her place in the kitchen, the man goes out hunting and the woman waits, gossiping, for the husband to bring home the kill, no, wait, I just went back a million years ago, we don’t hunt anymore, (unless u r a Delamare), and women don’t stay home no more, and we have single mothers and they go to work and we have jobless husbands, ok ok ok so my premise is wrong. But we have seen men go out to look for a home-cooked meal when the same is not availed at home. Should we use the time-tested way of keeping a happy home? U tell me.

2. The present TIME
I will go out and say, 2 out 3 of my bosses have been ladies, and they did one hell of a job (get your head out of the gutter u idiot). They worked late house and came in early, worked as hard as their male counterparts and in some instances beat the in performance. The past was cut out, the husband goes out and hustles, the woman is polite enough to make the meals, but now they both hustle. To show the woman to the kitchen is oppressive, for a jobless husband to demand the working wife to cook, (ok let’s not even go there, this is a not about men and women and he is not either, and it’s not coz he is jobless, it the other thing). So should we embrace the new and share duties in the kitchen? Or should men not take over.

3. TIME in the future
no I am not psychic to see into the future and know what time in the future holds for the sexes, no I did not read horoscopes (which cannot be used as in place of CVs to show your bright future in an interview….no I am not talking from experience)…I am talking about the future you hold in your hand, the future u dictate by the decisions u make, the future of the sexes and how they relate to each other, the future of you and your significant other. What kind of a future do you want? To say that the kitchen is strictly a woman’s place and impose it on your working wife will impact heavily on your future and how you relate, benefits expected and corresponding availability. To shun the kitchen as a woman and neglect that your man needs you to serve (yes, serve not necessarily cook), at least one meal in a day will also impact on your future, his future meals, and direction it all goes.

so time has made a verdict, you cannot just look at where we have been, or where we are, we need to look at both with regard for the time to come, how you choose to mix the different elements of time depends on you, you get the recipe wrong and life will be bloated with the displeasure of an upset relationship with the one person that’s meant to got your back (yes, I meant it that way grammatically.)


Word from Mars…to Venus

To Venus,
The last meeting we had did not go well, you representatives walked away in protest saying that us Martians are interested in only one thing.

Our proposal is to hold a convention at a neutral place. Let us all come back to earth and make sense of the conflicts that might be.

At this convention we, the Martians will respond to the title ‘man’ and you our dear counterparts from Venus will go by the title ‘woman’, in plural the two will go by ‘men’ and ‘women’ respectively. We go by ‘man’ as we would like to keep it simple and easy to remember. We propose woman as we admit that you are not very different from us, only more WOnderful in build, hence, WOman.

Should you find it acceptable the venue and titles so proposed, we would like to table the 1st issue of concern and that which from all other sprout.

what do men really want?

that is an issue that has been debated over and over again and in the last meeting we had we put our argument somewhat erroneously and it could be argued it was even insultive. But we stand by that decision what we expect of you is brain.
That is all. Really. We had previously made look like you do not have it but that was in bad taste and we send our sincerest apologies.

we just have a problem with how a larger part of your population has resulted to cheap antics like crying and using their beauty and bodies to win arguments, we cannot emphasize enough that crying is blackmail and using the body is just an insult to intelligence.

Again a larger of your population in the same context thinks that it doesn’t have to think as long as it is beautiful. When we cannot maintain a constructive conversation and when you don’t want to be reasonable in an argument, the activities that we can engage in with you is reduced to a promiscuous few.

Brains have always come before beauty on the parameters used to judge you our lovely counterparts from Venus. We have however kept these from you lest you feign intelligence to get into our pants.
But our intentions have been misunderstood, our ideals molested to a point of no recognition, a total disconnect from the intended.

We will give you the answers to the test.

Do not hold back argument,

speak your mind, not your hormones

Do not cry,

Don’t go by everything we say,

Do not cry,

Leave crying out of the arguments and discussions,

Have an opinion of yourself, but let be founded in easily traceable facts and theories not controversial or biased, learn to listen and learn to trust more.

Let us know when we are wrong as we so often are.

Guard your self-esteem,

Telling your girlfriend your problems but not us does not help us change; it only further propagates the unfounded misconception that man is the problem.

however we only have a problem with a part of the population while we applaud those that have kept true to the what it actually means to be WOman.

We proposed the meeting and the venue and you can propose a time and an alternate venue but for us Martians it would be better to meet at a neutral venue, let’s come back to earth.

Yours truly,

Ministry of universal relations.